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The GTR2 Rank FAQ

This document tries to answer the most frequently asked questions about GTR2 Rank. Many questions can be answered by the GPL Rank FAQ at gplrank.schuerkamp.de.

How do I upload my laptimes?

Click on the 'Upload Career' button from the left navigation panel and follow the instructions.

What's this handicap thingy?

Don Scurlock came up with the handicap idea back in the days when GPL was still new. Take all of the replay laps provided by simbin on the original tracks, add up the lap times, then do the same for your fastest lap on each of the circuits and subtract the simbin "handicap" reference time from your total, the remainder is your handicap. The idea being if your handicap is a negative value, you are under the reference time and vice versa.

GTR2Rank has a number of different handicaps, the main one being for all thirty-four original tracks in a particular class (GT,NGT,etc). Once you have done this you and your friends will be able to view your handicap on a banner see here. This is your Class Handicap for all tracks. In addition, if you complete all the tracks in a specific car, you will get another figure, a 'Car Handicap'.

If you want a lighter challenge there are a 2003 Class Handicap and a 2004 Class Handicap Click on the links to see the tracks required to get a 2003 / 4 Class Handicap.

Note only a complete thirty-four track 'Class Handicap' will appear on your banner.

One of my laps has vanished, where is it?

Please check your mail from the address you registered with. There are two possibilities a lap could vanish, both related to administrative reasons. You will receive automatic mail if a lap has been deleted for one of these reasons, please check the 'Further Comments' in the mail for the exact reason.

Your lap could be 'warped' (GTR2 has a habit sometimes of putting nonsense times into your career.blt), in which case we will ask you to delete that lap from your career.blt. Alternatively we may ask for a replay or GTT file to verify a lap. That is if you are lucky enough to get a Top 10 Lap and we haven't seen any of your laps before, sometimes even if we have. We will then tell you what to do after we receive those files.

How do I delete a lap from my career.blt?

Open it with a text editor, find the appropriate [TRACKSTAT] entry, delete and save. If you have any problem, we will be glad to offer more detailed help at gtrank@gplrank.info.

Please note, this will not delete your lap from GTR2Rank, unless we have already deleted a lap for you. You can delete you own laps from the rank by selecting 'My Laps' from the left navigation pane, finding the appropriate lap in the resulting list and clicking the adjacent 'Remove' link.

This is FIA GT, endurance racing! It's not about hotlapping! Why bother?

So? We all know (or should, rather) that in order to finish first, you first have to finish. We do believe that a person's fastest lap time will give you a general idea of his or her capability in a FIA GT car, even if it cannot be extended to a full 2h 30m race distance.

Also, it seems to be fun comparing your times, or you wouldn't be reading this, now would you? :-)

I love this stuff! How can I help?

We're looking for people who can spare a minute or two to help with deleting warp laps (simple, web based clicking stuff). Also, if you know Zope, Python and Solaris to be more than a novel by Stanislav Lem, you're welcome to help with GTRank development. Get in touch at gtrank@gplrank.info and we'll get back to you!

  GTR2 Rank béta version 0.075 by Sebastien Milliot and Uwe Schürkamp, 2006-. Questions? Comments? Send mail to gtrank@gplrank.info!